Brian LaVaque


Brian and his wife Diana, who grew up in Lombard, have lived in District 1 for eight years, where they are raising their two children and attempting to raise two new puppies.

With a keen interest in how the local government worked, and looking for an opportunity to help out the community, Brian volunteered to work for the Village in 2013. He was appointed to the Lombard Economic and Development Committee, where he served for six years.

Brian now wants to have the chance to bring his unique insights, personal experience, and creative new ideas to the Village Council to help build the future for the town he loves.

District 1 covers all of the northwest side of town from just south of the tracks and everywhere west of Main Street.

Our neighborhood needs more resources and frankly, just more attention. Diana and I wanted to raise our family here because we love this part of Lombard and could see the untapped potential our downtown has. Now I want to do all I can to help create the vibrant area our neighbors want.

Brian LaVaque

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